November 9-10, 2019
Greater Richmond Convention Center - Richmond, Virginia, USA

Corrigan's Cats Can't be Contained!


There was plenty of Food in the Top 8 - 6 decks all told. But at the end of the day it was Abe Corrigan, in his first Grand Prix Top 8, taking home the trophy with Sultai Sacrifice.

Who's Hungry?

Food was the name of the game on Day Two of Grand Prix Richmond. While there were other strategies present in the room, Food decks made up nearly 60% of the metagame. Sultai Food was the most popular deck but it was Sultai Sacrifice that made waves.

Cat Food

The breakout deck of the Mythic Championship, Sultai Sacrifice eschewed Nissa, Who Shakes the World and Hydroid Krasis for Cauldron Familiar, Witch's Oven, and Trail of Crumbs. Four players used this engine to pave their way to the Top 8. If no bans happen on November 18th, then this deck could be the next big thing in Standard.

Youth Movement

The finals pitted newly minted Hall of Famer Reid Duke against first time Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Abe Corrigan. While shuffling up for game one, Abe reminisced about watching Reid on stream as a kid, joking that it was going to make his victory that much sweeter. Despite a mulligan, Reid took down the first game. Both players kept their seven for game two and Reid took the first action with a Duress. Upon revealing his hand Abe asked his opponent "Would you keep this?" which Reid declined to answer. After missing his fourth land drop and discarding to hand size, Reid was felled by Abe's large creatures.

It came down to game three with Reid on the play and Abe taking a mulligan to six. Still, Abe was able to get two copies of Cauldron Familiar and a Witch's Oven. On the final turn Abe used his Oko to make an Elk, then played a second Oko to make a second Elk and attack. Reid extended the hand, said good game, and minted a new Grand Prix Champion.

Congratulations again to Abe Corrigan, your Grand Prix Richmond 2019 Champion!


Julian Berteaux
Abe Corrigan
Corey Burkhart
Haotian Wang
Reid Duke
Luca Magni
Zachary Kiihne
Jonathan Sukenik
Abe Corrigan
Haotian Wang
Reid Duke
Zachary Kiihne
Abe Corrigan
Reid Duke
Abe Corrigan


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