November 23-24, 2019
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, OH

Welcome to Columbus, Ohio, host this weekend to both a premier College Football matchup and a premier Grand Prix! Modern has been left unscathed through a Nittany of ... I mean a litany of ... recent bannings amongst every other major constructed format, but this is the first chance for Throne of Eldraine to show itself in Modern at the Grand Prix stage. 

With American Thanksgiving on the horizon, will Oko bring a full serving of food to the Modern table, will the stalwarts of the format continue to dominate, or will something completely new show itself? Check back all weekend as we find out!


Humans Stand Alone!

In a field full of Whirza, Tron, and Death's Shadow, Our last two undefeated players after Day 1 were Stephen Tuchek (Humans) and Terry Stratton (Amulet Titan). After a hard fought battle, Stephen's Meddling Mage on a clearly telegraphed Primeval Titan help him take down the match to be our last player standing with an undefeated record. 

Only 6 of the 27 Humans decks managed to make it through the Day 1 gauntlet. Can Stephen hold off the Whirza menace for 2 more rounds to guarantee his spot in Top 8?

Urza Towers Over Columbus

And by Urza, we mean Karn, the Great Creator and Oko, Thief of Crowns. Whirza has been the deck to beat ever since Throne of Eldraine brought us Oko, Thief of Crowns. While casting Whir of Invention to get a Thopter Foundry or Sword of the Meek is a strong, difficult to disrupt game plan, Brian Coval decided to show everyone the raw power of Karn and Oko instead.

Several of Brian's Feature matches ended with either a herd of elks stamping his opponents' life to zero, or Karn wishing for a Mycosynth Latice to lock his opponents out of the game completely. 

Coval took some early losses, but winning a convenient late tournament pair-up, and having both 12-1 players in round 14 win their pair downs, Brian managed to sneak into 8th place by a .003% margin. By reading the meta and focusing on cards that function very well on their own, BoshNRoll was able to easily win all six games he played in Top 8 to steal the #MTGColumbus crown!


Stephen Tuchek
Brian Coval
Zirui Zhou
Evan Whitehouse
Christopher Luettger
Chase Masters
Adam Fronsee
Griffin Russell
Brian Coval
Evan Whitehouse
Christopher Luettger
Adam Fronsee
Brian Coval
Adam Fronsee
Brain Coval


Pairings Results Standings
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