April 11-May 3, 2020
Magic Arena

MagicFest Online: Season 2


MagicFest Online is a tournament series on Magic: The Gathering Arena, pitting players from around the globe against each other for cash prizes and invites to the Players Tour. 

Daily Qualifiers will 3-5 times a day to give all players a convenient time to play. Each flight has an entry fee of $25 and players finishing 5-1 or better will advance to the Weekly Championship! If you win 10 Daily Qualifier matches over the course of the week, you will also qualify for that week’s Weekly Championship. As an added bonus, each player that plays in a MagicFest Online Daily Qualifier will receive a coupon for one free Booster Draft at a live MagicFest (up to $20 value). Sign up here!

Each Weekly Championship is a two-day tournament with Day One on Saturday and Day Two on Sunday. Players are competing for a $25,000 cash prize pool, with the Top 8 receiving invites to the Players Tour Series 2, and the Top 32 receiving invitations to the Season Finals. The tournament is 8 rounds on Day One with players with 6 wins or more advancing to Day Two. Magic Pro League and Rivals League members are invited to the Weekly Championship, so the competition will be tough!

The Season Finals is a two-day tournament with a $50,000 cash prize pool, 32 Players Tour Series 2 invitations and two invites to the Players Tour Finals Minneapolis up for grabs!     


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